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An artist by heart



Hello there, I am Kriti. First of all, thanks for stopping by at my website and taking out time to browse through my art. 

When I say an artist by heart, I mean it literally. Since childhood, I was into art, craft and what not, but as adulthood hit us all, these things go sideline and adulting takes up all the time and energy.

I was in a corporate job for 9 years and then finally took a step and quit it to take up 'Photography' as my main profession. Little did I know the moment I will take this decision, COVID will hit and everything will come to a halt!

Beginning of 2020 was a nightmare and that continued like that till June 2020, when I again connected with art. A friend of mine motivated me to start taking classes and buy art material. 

Connecting back to art gave me such peace and joy at heart, and slowly, gradually I managed to come out of that low phase of my  life, where I felt my career is over. 

Since then there is no looking back, and everyday I just love to venture more and play more with colors. 

At Art Corner by Kriti, you get a wide range of products, from stationary to gifting, notebooks, every day journals, doodles and much more. 


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