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Himadri Dimri

Hi, I am Himadri, a certified regression therapist and a family constellation facilitator.  I love colors. Painting has been a very important part of my healing journey. I don't paint thinking a definite picture, but I paint because when I do, I am in a meditative state. 

If flow was a word to describe someone, then that would be me. Being in the flow, going with the flow was considered a thing that strong people should not have. You need to have a string will, and rules or discipline. However, I never resonated with limits, rules, restrictions or specific steps. As a person, I loved being in the flow and taking one step at a time flowing with time.

Painting style

I have deeply admired Van Gogh's work. His blue, ochre and brown tones intensely resonate with my choice of artwork. More than anything else I connect with landscapes. Open spaces, blue sky, white clouds, green fields, brown crops.

My landscapes are a place my inner self wants to be in, meditate in. The forests, green tall trees in my art, connect to the calm in side. After creating a painting I sit with it for days, I close my eyes, I go inside those paintings and find the call, grounding I require. 

Original paintings

Framed art prints

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