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Hideaway | Framed Art Print

Hideaway | Framed Art Print


About the painting

That perfect green spot that you discover after miles of hiking, that where you reach, you suddenly find calm. A place where you sit, write, think, basically create...create what you have been wanting to for a long long time.


When I painted this, I was showing it to someone how I paint. To me this was my most confident and calm self ❤️


What is an Art Print?

An 'Art Print' is a digital reproduction of Original Art work by an artist. 

Here we have reproduced some of Himadri's best art work to create beautiful ready to display Framed Art Prints. 


Framing Glass material : Acrylic sheet (Non-breakable)

  • Size

    Print size : 8 x 10 inches

    Full frame size : 10 x 12 inches

  • Shipping Info

    Once order is placed and payment is done, order will be shipped in 3-4 business days. You will get tracking details over email.

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