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The Lone Tree | 12 x 16 inches

The Lone Tree | 12 x 16 inches


About the painting

It was a day in January when I was down with cold and fever. I was going through the long painful darkness of soul... the cocoon time during therapy when you are moving towards something, leaving old you and still not sure where you are going. My body was burning in fever and I thought may be a painting would calm me down. It did. Painting was my meditation.

Not without thinking I made a rough sky, irregular grass and then this tree. When I looked at the tree it felt it's bogged down with the winds, it has lost all leaves, but it was still standing. The tree. It stood there, taking the winds, swaying, with no leaves... waiting, hopeful for the thunder to pass and new leaves to blossom. That was my hope. This painting kept me standing when everything else was falling...


Painted on : Canvas Sheet 12 x 16 inches

Colors : Oil

  • Size

    12 x 16 inches 

  • Shipping Info

    Once order is placed and payment is done, order will be shipped in 3-4 business days. You will get tracking details over email.

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