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It's Okay to Rest!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

I am sure that some of the thoughts that came to your mind after reading this title would be, 'I don't have time to rest' or 'I would be wasting time if I am resting' or 'It is NOT okay to rest'.

Let me tell you, it’s really OKAY to Rest!

Anyway, the idea of resting is not considered to be good and sadly, the idea of over working has been glorified over the years. Truth is, a well rested mind and body can boost your energy, open your mind to new ideas and improve mental health.

Here are 5 ways you can give your body and mind the much needed rest, to boost your creativity and reduce stress :

1. Afternoon Power naps aren't bad for you!
I am not asking you to get lazy with 2-3 hours of sleep, but a short power nap can actually improve memory, your overall work performance, lowering down stress and make your mood better.

Studies show that as short as a 20 min power nap makes you well rested which opens up your mind to more creative ideas.

2. Meditation
I cannot stress more upon the benefits of meditation, but if you treat this as a task or a forced activity,
then this will not count as rest for you.
You can give as small as 10 minutes of time in daily routine, twice to small meditation practices, which help in relaxing your mind and body. This in result improves your focus and attention.

Having said that, art in itself is a meditation. When you are painting or sketching, your mind is focused on one task and that is a kind of therapy for a lot of people.

3. Walking
Resting doesn't always mean lying down and shutting eyes. Resting can be anything that makes you feel calm, relaxed and happy. Something to take your mind off from daily chores.

Walking helps in improving your mental health, and at the same time, keep your body healthy.
A daily 30 minutes of walk by yourself can do wonders to your body and mind. It helps us think clearer, which helps us bring new ideas. Avoid walking indoors, and step out for that walk :)

Everybody needs rest, not only humans, but even machines get burnt out when not paused. In order to produce more creative results, you need a healthy mind and body which in turn needs a balance of work and rest.

I strongly believe in the saying ‘If you do not take time for your wellness, you will be forced to take out time for your illness!’

So give yourself a break, and take that power nap to relax yourself, because you deserve it!

Blog written by :

Kriti Agarwal

Kriti is an artist and the owner of Art Corner by Kriti art products business.

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